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Ancient Mesopotamia Images

The term Mesopotamia is derived from its Greek form ?es?p?ta΅?a which in turn refers to land between rivers. Located between the Tigris and Euphrates, Mesopotamia had every reason to become one of the most popular civilizations of all times.


Be it its geographic location or its fertile soil thanks to the silt deposited year after year by the two rivers the civilization had every reason to grow at a steady rate.

Flooding was a problem yes but not something which could not be tacked by the advancing Mesopotamians. They developed a very good network of irrigation which made them utilize not only the abundant supply of water but also tended to reduce the impact of flooding.


Caption -Historian Regards Mesopotamia

Almost every other historian regards Mesopotamia as the cradle of civilization. You might find it interesting to know that it was not merely one civilization which mushroomed in this region. In fact there was quite many a civilization which owes its origins to this region. A simple example should suffice.

Mesopotamian Civilization

The area housed the civilizations of Assyrian, Babylonian, Akkadian and the Sumer empires in the Bronze Age. Likewise it again housed the civilizations of the Neo-Babylonian and the Neo-Assyrian empires in the Iron Age. This is just a small example of the vast number of empires which grew in this river basin.


Caption- Mesopotamian Civilization

The civilization is also seen as the first food forward in urbanizing the world. Be it the art and architecture of Mesopotamia or the inventions and literature everything seems to have a taste of urbanization. The finding of a set of written laws referred to as the laws of Hammurabi further strengthens this claim.

Mesopotamia pictures and Information

The laws believed in equality and were set to providing individuals a government which would believe in fundamental rights. There were many loopholes in this code as it was perhaps only a judicial thinking of a ruler but for that time it can be easily compared to our current constitutions.

Ancient Mesopotamia images are available all over the internet and also in many published books by famous historians across the globe. You can gain a big deal from watching these images as a picture indeed is equivalent to a 1000 words.


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