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Ancient Mesopotamian Jobs and Occupations

Often regarded as the cradle of civilization Mesopotamia, located between the two rivers Tigris and Euphrates, was indeed the epitome of development at one point of time. The highly fertile land courtesy of the silt deposited over years by the flooding of the two rivers made it a perfect haven for the booming of civilization.


Caption- Ancient Mesopotamian Jobs

Many a civilization grew up on this spot which we today see as Modern Iraq. The developing civilization was quite similar to an urbanizing city and gave way to a flourishing livelihood in the region.

Ancient Mesopotamian Jobs

Jobs in Mesopotamia were vast and varied in nature. The first and perhaps the most popular job in this region was that of a farmer. As we already discussed that this was a very fertile region one that would lead to surplus food production farming was indeed a very profitable occupation here.


Caption- occupation of a boats man

People migrated from near and far to get here for farming. Since the Mesopotamian cities were located between two rivers the occupation of a boats man was also much in demand. Also coz the Mesopotamian's build many canals for irrigation purposes, boats men became quite popular in the land.

Ancient Mesopotamian Jobs

Trading was another profitable venture in this civilization and with the booming trade traders became rich with an amazing speed. There is no doubt that being a tradesman became everyone's dream.


Caption- Ancient Mesopotamian Trading Jobs

Weavers might have lost their demand in the industrialist society today but they were very much in demand in Mesopotamia. Weaving clothes was a good medium to lead a life in luxury and many preferred to be one.

Occupation of Mesopotamian Civilization

Mesopotamia's pottery has also been quite appreciated. Huge numbers of the same have been found all across the excavation sites. The occupation of a potter hence seems to have been of quite importance in that era. The availability of a huge number of pots, utensils and figurines prove this theory.

Being a herdsman was also a popular job in the then era. Other job prospects were available for tent makers, metal workers, etc. Being a priest was a rare job opportunity held in high respect and with many important responsibilities in Mesopotamia. Jobs of Mesopotamia hence were similar to any civilized states jobs.


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