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Ancient Mesopotamia Technology

The technology of Mesopotamia was very advanced. They made progress in every field. The technology of Mesopotamia was so advanced that they built an artificial irrigation system for the purpose of agriculture.

The inventions and technologies of the Mesopotamia evolved with their urban life. They were the first to build the city and were master in constructing every type of building, from ordinary houses to royal palaces.

Mesopotamia Math and Science

The science and technology in Mesopotamia in the field of Mathematics was so developed that they made used of all four mathematical operations i.e. addition, subtraction, multiplication and exponentiation. The technology in Mesopotamia was so developed that they used the sexagesimal numeral system. Knowledge in the field of geometry included general rules for measuring areas and volumes.

Caption- History of science

The technology of Mesopotamia also made a considerable progress in the field of medicine. As per the knowledge provided by the Code of Hammurabi, the Babylonians had healers and also physicians to take care of their health.

Mesopotamia Technology Inventions

These physicians also performed "operations" whenever necessary and they were punished if their patients died in the course of the treatment.

Later on, the technology of Mesopotamia advanced and with its advancement, were introduced the concepts of diagnosis, prognosis, physical examination of the patients and prescriptions. The books on medicines also encompassed the detailed descriptions of various signs and symbols of different types of ailments and diseases.

Babylonian Technology

It was because of the advancement in the technology of Mesopotamia that the Babylonians knew how to calculate the movements of the sun, moon and the planets. They also knew how to predict solar and lunar eclipses.

Caption- Ancient Mesopotamia Babylon

As per the archaeological findings, the technology in Mesopotamia became so advanced that the Babylonians priests developed the zodiac of twelve signs and some of the world's first horoscopes which afterwards lead to the development of astrology.

Ancient Mesopotamia Technology

The technology of Mesopotamia was so highly advanced that they divided the year into 12 months, month into 30 days, day into 2*12 hours, hour into 60 minutes and minute into 60 seconds.

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