Ancient Mesopotamia History Top 10 Interesting Facts

1.The 2 rivers of Mesopotamia are the Tigris and the Euphrates (Dijla and Furat, in Arabic). Today, the Tigris and Euphrates join up to flow into the Persian Gulf.

Ancient mesopotamia map

2.The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers meet somewhat north of the modern city of Basra and flow into the Persian Gulf.

3. Mesopotamian Religion did not believe in the after-life. They believed that all good and bad people go under-ground as ghosts and eat dirt.

4.Temple Economy – ruler/king administered lands on behalf of the gods. The ruler was also responsible for distribution of food. Central grain storage were vital to the economy.

5.Mespotamian cities were known for their diverse array of artisans and craftsmen.

Ancient mesopotamia cities

6.Their religion also believed that they were servants of god. If you were to ask a person today why they are here they would say because god loves me.

Ancient mesopotamia religion

7. Mesopotamia invented the wheel, plow, irrigation systems and the sailboat.

Ancient mesopotamia wheels

8.Priests would read the livers of chickens or lambs to see what the gods wanted for sacrifices

9.Priests controlled the irrigation systems and also had more power than the king and queen.

Ancient mesopotamian irrigation

10.Their written language began as pictographs, pictures of things that acted as words. Pictographs worked, but they were rather cumbersome.

Ancient mesopotamia writing

Here are 5 more bonus facts about mesopotamia!

11.For 5000 years before the appearance of writing in Mesopotamia, there were small clay objects in abstract shapes, called clay tokens, that were apparently used for counting agricultural and manufactured goods.

12.Further down the history lane, use of clay tokens was completely stopped by ancient Mesopotamians. They simply started to impress the symbol of the clay tokens on wet clay surfaces. In addition to symbols derived from clay tokens, other symbols that were more pictographic in nature were also added i.e. they resemble the natural object they represent.

13.Ur (ruled by the Third Dynasty) was the dominant city in the 22nd century BC but it collapsed as a power in the wake of the Elam invasions.

14.An important literary work associated with the early Mesopotamians is the Epic of Gilgamesh.

Ancient mesopotamia epic of Gilgamesh

15.Ancient Mesopotamian soldiers were paid with wooden coins.

16.They used to bury royal ladies underneath the queens quarters, when different people started moving into mesopotamia,or taking over the government,they adopted some culture,beleifs,and traditions of the people who had lived there before them.