Cities In Mesopotamia

Mesopotamia had some of the most beautiful cities of the world. Babylon was regarded as one of the main city of Mesopotamia. Babylon was considered as one of the ‘first cities’ of Mesopotamia. Euphrates River ran through the centre of the city.


Next to the Euphrates River was the sacred temple the “Esagila”. The Babylon city of Mesopotamia was considered as the ‘marvel’ of the ancient world, with the population over 200,000. There was also a system of defensive walls that ringed the city for ten miles.


The cities of Mesopotamia, like the ‘Sumerian City’ or ‘Ur’ had three levels of the society. At the top were the rich people comprising of government officials, priests and the soldiers. Below them were the laborers, merchants, teachers, farmers and craft makers. At the bottom were the slaves who were captured in the battle.

In the cities of Mesopotamia, kings and queens were buried along with their treasure. Because of abundant of food crops provided by the irrigation, not everyone worked in the farms. People learned other skills as well. The cities of Mesopotamia were divided into different groups.

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