Sargon Of Mesopotamia

Sargon, popularly known as Sargon of Akkad was one of greatest Mesopotamian rulers. He was the legendary ruler of Mesopotamia. He reigned for a long period of 56 years, from 2334- 2279 BCE. He, being an Akkadian Semitic established the region’s first Semitic dynasty. It is said that he was one of the strongest leaders of his time.

The story behind his birth is interesting. It is said that he was found as a baby in a reed basket floating in the river by a gardener. Born as an orphan, he attained the post of cup bearer under Ur-Zababa, the king of Kush, one of the city states of Sumer.

Meanwhile, Lugulzaggesi, the king of the city state Umma invaded the state of Kish. It was Sargon who led the forces against the enemy. Ur-Zababa fled and Sargon proved an efficient leader that Lugulzaggesi ultimately had to surrender. Thereafter, Sargon himself established the king of Kish. Subsequently, He conquered the nearby city states of Ur,Umma and Lagash.

He began controlling cities and states around him mainly for the purpose of trade and commerce. Under Sargon, the state even traded with the Indus Valley civilisation! Sargon built the city of Argon and made it his capital.

Last years of Sargon was troublesome with rebellions of the small city states. It is said that Sargon passed on the throne to his son Rimush. According to the legend, Sargon was punished by gods.