City of Uruk Mesopotamia:Timeline and History

I am sure you are all familiar with the civilizations based in Mesopotamia. A few of you however might not be well acquainted with the term Mesopotamia Uruk. Mesopotamia was indeed the centre of early urbanization about 5000 years from now on.
So well developed and progressive was the art, culture and lifestyle of its inhabitants that had the city existed today the world would have stood in awe of it.
Coming back to Uruk, it was actually an important Mesopotamian city from about 5000 BC. This city is renowned for being the largest city of the world during the Ubaid period. The Ubaid period refers to the time span between 5500 and 4000 BC.
This city can now be easily located on the map near the river Euphrates and about 155 miles to the south of Baghdad. All that you will get to see of the ancient city now is ziggurats, platforms, and temples.
We all know of the existence of colonial system in the colonial era but it’s rather hard to digest that a colonial system existed inside the walls of Uruk Mesopotamia. This is in fact an example of the world’s first colonial system and was meant to exploit commercial benefits in south-eastern Anatolia, Syria and the Zagros Mountains.
The finds related to the Uruk city have been enormous. Archaeologists have found several urban centres in the southern part of Mesopotamia dating back to the Ubaid period. Artefacts found at the excavation site have also been very useful in knowing more about this ancient city.
Clay tablets depict early writing in these cities. This writing style was found to have a total of approximately 1200 pictorial signs. Other Uruk seals have also depicted other aspects like wheeled vehicles, ploughs, etc.
The city of Uruk is also said to have a wall all around it for protecting its masses from any impounding attack. Scholars are also of the view that there were two primary religions in this city.
William Kennet Loftus and Arnold Noldeke from Germany are two of the most renowned archaeologists related to the ancient city of Uruk Mesopotamia.